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Without a sincere interest in people it was impossible to take pictures each of which is like a separate chapter in the annals of life. A girl with a hoop on a deserted beach strewn with garbage. A disconsolate boy on the prow of a fishing boat sets out to sea for the first time since the death of his drowned father. A woman in a fur coat collecting coal on the seashore. The grandiose silhouettes of the last ships that rise above the tiny coastal villages. The poetry of his work is built on a striking contrast of images and emotions. It was not easy for Killip to become one of his own in the closed community of these people.

Most of them were afraid that the photographs might harm their forbidden e-commerce photo editing handicrafts in halfclosed enterprises they were afraid to lose unemployment benefits. For a long eight years the photographer crept up to the community of sea coal miners but they chased him away every time Chris got the camera. This went on until one of the locals stood up for him and allowed him to shoot. To take pictures of the inhabitants of the coast Killip bought a van and lived side by side with them for eighteen months. Before his eyes children were born and grew up someone left their native places someone became a victim of a dangerous trade. It happened that his photographs were like a chronicle of a predicted death.

One day the children of a deceased coal miner approached him with a request to get the last pictures of their father. For a mother whose son had drowned Killip printed out a small album of his portraits. Almost every photo of him is signed in detail on each name the circumstances of the shooting in workers' settlements brought photo albums as a gift and he kept in touch with many people from those places all his life. Pictures taken with such dedication could not fail to win due attention. In  Chris Killip was awarded the Henri CarteBresson Prize for the humanity of his work. It has been said of him Without Killip much of British culture the forgotten culture of ordinary people's daily lives would have gone unnoticed.

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