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Watercolor tutorial how to digitize and retouch









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Thus if the darken mode is selected the clone stamp will only work on areas that are lighter than the original sample the lighten mode on the other hand will produce the opposite effect cloning only the areas darker than the selected sample. What is clone in Photoshop You may also like How to photograph floating food Photoshop tutorial how to edit the sky in architectural photography. Photographer Iván Iturbe shares with you his creative process Iván Iturbe ivaniturbe is a fashion and advertising photographer based in Mexico City.

He then shares with you his process to take these photos as a project for the Pictorial Photographic Portrait course . Domestika projects Pictorial photographic portrait Acceptance. Ivan Iturbe I am Iván Iturbe and I am photo background removing an editorial and commercial photographer I have five years in commercial photography and two years in fashion photography. I dont think I can define my own photography yet but I know that avant garde and surrealism are something I could capture with great pleasure.

My inspiration comes from dreams and visions that usually appear in unexpected moments or in very calm moments. For this project which started from a personal vision inspired by the Mexican photographer Ivan Aguirre I decided to look for the resources that could help capture an idea that showed melancholy nostalgia and still life. That is why I felt very identified with the pictorial photographic portrait course by Lídia Vives lidiavivesphoto . Inspiration For this project I took inspiration from dark painting Rembrandts light style and Iván Aguirres avant garde style.

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