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Tina Modotti and Edward Weston arrive in Mexico Politically Edward and Tina found a complex Mexico as described by Olivier Debroise When Tina told Otokar Rubicek owner of the Aztec Land handicrafts store that a friend had told them that there would soon be another revolution the response of this one was Lie… there will not be one but forty There was no other uprising of this nature but a true cultural revolution did occur. JoseVasconcelos Harris Ewing.

Courtesy of the Library of Congress of the e-commerce photo editing United States of America. Catalog LCDIGhec Álvaro Obregón had been president since December and worked to continue the process of unification and national peace initiated by Adolfo de la Huerta. After directing the National University José Vasconcelos is in charge of the office of the newly created Secretariat of Public Education the former Ministry of Carranza in.

Cultural plan was ambitious publish the classics of literature to make them available to the people build rural schools and promote arts and crafts institutes. But more importantly he promoted the artistic work of the aforementioned muralists. Despite this support for artistic creation money was scarce and artists and intellectuals fluttered like buzzards around the house of patron Óscar Braniff whose emporium came to be compared to that of the Rockefellers.  

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